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2) The EL will feature web pages (and images, where appropiate) that provide further information on the selected topic. It is important to realize that I have no control over EL and therefore, their content may disappear or change without my knowledge (this is a disclaimer). I will purge links to web sites that become unavailable or change their content to uselessness. This purging will happen once I realize that things have changed--so you may see things change before I do! If you see it happen before I do, drop me a line at ------rod@rodallrich.com----Thanks!

Topics (added/revised on a continual basis)




Blood Brain Barrier (BBB)

Bovine Bloat

Bovine Ketosis

Canine Bloat

Concept of the "Normal Range" in Physiology

Counter-Current Exchange

Diffusion (and diffusion barriers)


Exocrine Secretions

Labeled-Line Theory (neurology)


Myasthenia Gravis

Neonatal Isoerythrolysis

Ovine Pregnancy Toxemia



Placental Gonadotropins

Physiological Saline

Renin vs Rennin

Serum Albumin


Water Balance