Bovine Ketosis


* Ketosis is a condition of excess ketones in the body

* When present, excess ketones can be found in all body tissues/fluids

*Urine and blood are common fluids assayed for ketones

* Ketones are a normal byproduct of fat metabolism

* Ketones are water soluble

* Endogenous ketones include acetone, acetoacetic acid and beta-hydroxybutyric acid

* Ketones can also be termed ketone bodies

* Ketone bodies are acidic

* Bovine ketosis can be termed acetonemia

Bovine ketosis can be termed ketonemia

* Demands of early lactation may cause hypoglycemia

* Hypoglycemia during lactation causes the mobilization of lipids (body fat depots)

* Mobilization of lipids is termed lipolysis

* Hepatic tissue converts fatty acids into ketone bodies


* Overview of ketosis in cattle

* Ketone bodies-1

* Ketone bodies-2

* Beta-hydroxybutyrate