Canine Bloat


* Canine bloat is also termed gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV)

* A hallmark of GDV is a gas-filled, twisted stomach

* The stomach may rotate up to 360 degrees clockwise (less so, if CCW)

* The rotation of the stomach prevents any movement of material out of the stomach

* A dog with bloat should receive immediate medical attention

* GDV often leads to death in a matter of minutes

* Dog breeds with a deep, narrow chest are more prone to develop GDV

* "Nervous" dogs tend to develop GDV more often than "calm" dogs of the same breed

* Circulatory shock often is present in cases of bloat

* Surgery is often needed to resolve the bloat

* Gastropexy is often performed to prevent recurrence of bloat

*  Prophylactic gastropexy has been used to prevent bloat


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