Biology of Companion Animals---Spring 2023
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Exam 4 material



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E2--A copy for your records

Today (2/13/2023) in class I was discussing half-life of hormones.
Below are several links that support my comments on half-life.

Relevance of Half-Life in Drug Design--Optional Reading

The Practical Importance of Half-Life in Psychopharmacology--Optional Reading

Drug Prescribing for Older Adults--Optional Reading


This page and the 5 links on this page--excellent material from my friend Bob at CSU

Videos Endocrine1 through Endocrine19-------HERE

Video to remind you of topics to study for E2

Videos Neural1 through Neural8-------HERE

Another video on the nervous system----HERE

Quiz 2

Videos Lung1 through Lung3-------HERE

Videos Heart1 through Heart6-------HERE

Quiz 1

Videos 1-8 HERE
("Instructor Intro"  through    "Blood Wrap-up 2")

Blood Loss Estimation in Small Animals--Optional Reading

IV fluids may not always be good for accident victims--Optional Reading

On-Scene IV Fluids for Trauma Patients: Lifesaver or Time-Waster?--Optional Reading

An Overview of IV Infiltration Injuries in Adults--Optional Reading