Biology of Companion Animals---Spring 2024
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How all assessments will be graded (80 pts)

1) All assessments will have 15 questions.

2) All Qs will be worth up to 5 pts (with partial credit awarded when possible)

3) After calculating points earned, an additional 5 pts will be added to the final tally.

4) A check mark in the left margin by the question indicates the Q earned
the full 5 points possible.

5) A "X" mark near the end of the Q on the right side means zero pts awarded.

6) A number near  the end of the Q on the right side indicates partial credit awarded.

7) Rod will make copies of all assessments before returning to students. So if you lose an
assessment, Rod can give you a copy of your orginal assessment.


Posted on 4/12/2024


Vomeronasal Organ

Flehmen Response

Dog Appeasing Pheromone

Calming Pheromones

Cat Pheromones

Posted on 3/28/2024

Disorders in Dogs (A sample)

Hip and Elbow Dysplasia---And a video

Atopic Dermatitis

Video of Atopic Dermatitis

Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS)

Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture (CCL vs ACL)

Patellar Luxation


Video of Hypothyroidism

Hepatic Shunts

Video of Hepatic Shunt

Optional Reading---Guide to Congenital and Heritable Disorders in Dogs

Posted on 3/15/2024

When we see each other again on the 18th, we will start a new topic----Genetics

Here are required videos on Genetics:








If you like Reptiles and other exotic pets, you may be interested in the next
Midwest Reptile Show held at the IN State Fairgrounds. Be aware that parking is $10/car and admission is $7/person.
I have been there several times and the vendors were always very nice and they let me takes pictures of the animals.

Online Material for February 23, 2024

I am not adding any additional material today since
we still have lots to discuss from last Friday's (Feb. 16) links


Online Material for February 16, 2024 (We are moving on to Reproduction)

Gross Anatomy of the Male Reproductive System---Video

Testicular Histology---Video

Gross Anatomy of the Female Reproductive Sysytem---Video

Ovarian Histology---Video

Estrous Cycles of Dogs, Cats, and Horses---Video

Gestation/Pregnancy in the Horse, Cat and Dog---Video

Pyometra in Dogs---Video

Pseudopregnancy in Dogs---Video

Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome---Video

Dystocia in Mares---Video from Rood and Riddle

For the assessment on Feb. 21, 2024: The first 4 videos listed above
should be viewed as the core material......and Rod's lecture on 2/19/2024


Online Material for February 9, 2024

Guillain-Barre' Syndrome

Update on Feline Injection-Site Sarcomas

Feline Vaccine-Associated Sarcoma

Vaccination Failures in Dogs

Online Material for February 2, 2024

Vaccines for Dogs

First-Year Puppy Vaccinations

Pet Vaccines

Pet Vaccinations

Required reading to be discussed for the next several weeks





Online Material for January 26, 2024

Megaesophagus in Dogs

Bailey Chair for Dogs

Cats are Carnivores

Obligate Carnivores

Pracitice Quiz #3


E-Learning material for January 24, 2024

Plants that are toxic to Cats

Pet Food Labels

Comparing Dogs, Cats, Horses

Online Material for Friday, January 19

General Feeding Guidelines for Dogs

Canine Bloat

Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI) in Dogs and Cats


What will be on Wednesday's (1/17) assessment.......... ?????

"White Blood Cells of Dogs" and
All Online material from 1/12

Online Material for Friday, January 12

Rod does not endorse any of the following videos. Some are good and some could use improvement.
So watch them with a critical eye. Then in class we can discuss the value or non-value of each video.
I have numbered them so we can identify them by number when needed. Rod has performed
1,000s of venipunctures and 1,000s of cannulations during his career, and he's still not perfect at them.
Please come to class next Wednesday with specific questions you have on specific videos.

1---How to collect blood from cats

2---How to do a feline medial saphenous venipuncture

3---How to do a canine lateral saphenous venipuncture

4---How to do a canine cephalic vein blood collection

5---How to do a canine jugular venipuncture

6---Canine IV catheter placement

7---Bovine jugular venipuncture

8---Blood collection from the bovine tail--1

9---Blood collection from the bovine tail--2

10---Jugular venipuncture in the horse

11---The transverse facial venous sinus in horses (for blood collection, not a video)

12---Jugular venipuncture in the goat

13---Venipuncture of rat tail

14---Basic blood collection

15---How to position a needle for venipuncture

16---Hematocrit (PCV) determination

For Week of January 8th

Red Blood Cells of Dogs

White Blood Cells of Dogs

Platelets of Dogs

Fundamentals of Small Animal Hematology

Blood Collection Techniques in Lab Animals