Companion Animal Management-2018
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The below material is from previous semesters

Here is a copy of an email I sent today (June 28). You should have received it
if you are currently enrolled in the course.

I just wanted to say hi and indicate the syllabus, etc. is ready to be viewed on my website (

One part of the course involves "Show and Tell and Learn".

This is where students present material about pets, their health, feeding, etc.

So if you are doing something this summer with pets, maybe take notes, pictures, whatever.

Several examples:

1) Your pet has an skin abscess. You can tell us about finding it, how it was treated, costs, etc.....

2) Your dog develops bloat. You can tell us all that happened. Pictures always welcomed.

3) You see an interesting case at a vet hospital. Tell us about it.

Oh, by the way, you can bring into class your pet for your presentation. When that is impossible, bring pictures of your pet, etc.

View my blog to see all the animals that come to my classes.

I look forward to seeing each of you on August 22.

The course is full right now, but a waitlist will soon start.

Email me any questions you may have.

Fall 2017 starts on August 21
The below announcements are from past semesters.
Since we always have announcements in class,
this page is seldom used.
Fall 2016 class will start on 8/22
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I have left some past announcements displayed below so
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Thanks for the great sessions so far.
Everyone so far has presented excellent Show and Tell and Learn topics.
Below are the animal guests we have had so far.




I forgot to take a picture of the 2 Red-Claw Crabs so here is a picture of one from the internet:
I will soon send out a general announcement via email to students
regarding fall 2015 activities.
Old announcements--from 2014----are listed below.
Thanks to Bethany (rabbit),     Katie (dog)       and Kiara (ferret)
for bringing in their wonderful animals-click the links to see a short movie of the animals.
By the end of the lab, we had 2 sleeping critters:

Thanks to Allison for bringing Bentley (Golden Retriever) to class:

Live animals today!


Golden Doodle

We had fun with Taetum today (Golden Retriever)

Today we had fun with Sadie and Clyde
Here is a YouTube video of them
Today we had fun with Layla and Buddy
Here is a YouTube video of them
Thanks to Geoffrey for additional info on Bengal cats.
Thanks to Jamie for showing us the Yellow-bellied slider:

Thanks to Hannah and her Mom for bringing in 2 beautiful Siberian Huskies:

Thanks to Xiayn for telling us about Pugs.
Thanks to Alyssa for bringing in a Bengal cat:

Thanks to Jess for bringing in the well-behaved kitten.

Thanks to Delia for bringing in Luna.
And thanks to Allison for bringing in the 5 Betta Fish.

Female betta laying eggs/male gathering them.

A general site about bettas.
Thanks to Kevin for telling us about Bulldogs.
Thanks to Sam for telling us about service groups such as Helping Paws.
Neo had fun watching the documentary during the lab period:

And we played Neo out-he needed a nap:
Many thanks to Rebecca for bringing in Lily, a future seeing eye dog:
And many thanks to Emily for the great discussion on corn snakes/rat snakes:
Thanks for the great first class and lab.
Your biggest job at the moment is to start thinking of your business plan/enterprise analysis.
Sam did a great job with her Show and Tell and Learn (with help from Neo, the Siberian Husky---see below).
On Thursday we will have a puppy and a snake in class .
I have been assured that the snake is no longer than 10 feet!
August 5, 2014
I have added 4 videos related to this course on my YouTube site:


Then click on Companion Animal Management
June 8, 2014
I have had a number of good questions on the enterprise analysis/business plan assignment (see syllabus).
To provide a little guidance for those that want to start gathering info/writing this summer, I provide the following:

1) This website provides a good overview of sections to include--HERE

2) Current or future businesses work equally well.
Interviewing a current business owner will give you many ideas.

3) Some examples of past student business plans:

*Doggie day care
*Veterinary clinic
*Horse boarding
*Mobile Vet Clinic
*Reptile store
*Dog grooming
*No kill shelter
*Pet supply store
*Cat toys/climbing poles (all built on site)
*Dog fencing
*Dog cafe/boarding
*Hunting dog training
*Pet sitting
*Pet portraits
*Exotic pet clinic
*Pet treat bakery
*Designer dog houses
*Fish breeder
*Pet massage therapist
*Training assistance dogs

The above list provides only a few examples of 100's of possible businesses.
This course will start August  25, 2014